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 About Us

The IDvisor product line has been designed by TokenWorks Inc.  It uses our CardVisor® age verification software which has proven to be a simple yet powerful solution for the ID verification process.

The co-founders have over twenty years combined experience in electrical design and the Smart Card industry. In 1998, we decided to start our own company and have never looked back.

In all our efforts, the following principles are paramount:

  • Design in durability, quality, and value.
  • Deliver value to our customers and shareholders.
  • Do it once - Do it right.
  • Keep it simple....

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 Company Name - TokenWorks


TokenWorks represents our efforts to provide token based solutions using smart card, magnetic card, and contactless card technologies.  Many card based systems have much in common, but differ in the card technology.  Therefore the term token is pertinent to all systems.   The term works conveys an image of a foundry or factory where products are brought to life.  Below is how Webster defines both terms.

To·ken (tkn)

  1. Something serving as an indication, proof, or expression of something else.
  2. A distinguishing feature or characteristic.
  3. Something that signifies or evidences authority, validity, or identity: The scepter is a token of regal status.
  4. A piece of stamped metal used as a substitute for currency: subway tokens.

Works - (wūrks)

  1. (used with a sing. or pl. verb) A factory, plant, or similar building or complex of buildings where a specific type of business or industry is carried on. Often used in combination: a steelworks.
  2. Internal mechanism: the works of a watch.
    The output of a writer, artist, or musician considered or collected as a whole: the works of Shakespeare.
  3. Engineering structures, such as bridges or dams.



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