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CardVisor II

CardVisor II age verification software has all the features of CardVisor I plus the ability to process licensee name and address information.  This information allows the creation of customer databases which enables you to better manage your customer relationships.  Cross checking the displayed name with that printed on the license is an important method to identify fake ids.


Shown below, the first and last name of the card holder as displayed on the main screen after each swipe.  The address, city, state, and zip code are stored in memory (see Record Format for details).  Of course, it also displays the age, license expiration date, date of birth, license number and card status (OK, birthday, under aged and/or expired).


CardVisor software is very configurable with different age alarm thresholds and selectable alarm sounds, a long or short version of the birthday song, and the ability to display the current age in a year or year/month/day format.



If you would like to know exactly how old a card holder is, select the Age YYMMDD check box and the Age displayed will contain month and day information.  If the month and day are zero, then wish the cardholder a Happy Birth Day!

Includes hardware and software to transfer transaction data to a PC - $250 value (based on what the competition charges).  Used to prove licenses were scanned or for mailing lists.

For questions, see the FAQ page, Comparison Chart or give us a call. Pricing and on-line purchase information is listed below.

CardVisor II package - $495.00

The CardVisor II package includes everything needed to start checking IDs.  It includes CardVisor II software loaded into the CardTool Reader, a Handspring Visor handheld computer, batteries, a USB Hotsync Cradle, Palm Desktop application for Windows or Macintosh .  See the connectivity section for more information on the Palm Desktop application.  Note: The color of the Handspring PDA may be blue, black, silver or red.

Price $495.00 - Visit our new ID Scanner Web Site


Below are links to the CardVisor Brochure and User manual.  Adobe Acrobat is required.  To get Acrobat reader for free, click Get Acrobat Reader


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