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CardVisor® IV-BC-Pro package includes the CardVisor IV package plus the Bar Code Reader Cradle and includes a Handspring Visor Pro handheld computer.   The Visor Pro has an internal Li-Ion battery and recharges in the Bar Code Reader Cradle.  No need to periodically install two new AAA Alkaline or recharged NiMh batteries in the Handheld computer, just plug the Bar Code Reader Cradle into the power supply and charge both internal batteries (one in the Bar Code Reader Cradle for the 2D bar code scanner and one in the Visor Pro handheld computer).    It is has all the features of the CardVisor III-BC-Pro package but adds the Anti ID Pass-Back detection.      

For questions, see the FAQ page, Comparison Chart or give us a call. Pricing and on-line purchase information is listed below.

Includes hardware and software to transfer transaction data to a PC - $250 value (based on what the competition charges).  Used to prove licenses were scanned or for mailing lists.

CardVisor IV-BC-Pro package - $1395.00

Package includes CardVisor IV software loaded into the CardTool® magnetic card reader, a Handspring™ Visor™ Pro handheld computer,  the Bar Code Reader cradle, a USB Hotsync™ Charging Cradle with AC adapter, Palm™ Desktop application for Windows™ or Macintosh™, a USB Hotsync cable for the bar code reader cradle, VIP/Banned list database creation tools, and documentation.  

Price $1395.00 - Visit Online store to place an order Learn More

Below are links to the CardVisor Brochure and User manual.  Adobe Acrobat is required.  To get Acrobat reader for free, click Get Acrobat Reader



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