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CardVisor IV -

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ID Pass-Back detection - Perfect feature for ID Scanners used at clubs, nightclubs, bars and events

CardVisor III plus an ID Anti-Pass-Back feature.   Clubs, Nightclubs and events often request it and use it in the following ways:

  • at the club entrance - detects 'shared' IDs,
  • at the bar to identify individuals who are consuming too much, or
  • at the bar to identify individuals who are purchasing for their underage friends. 
  • at the club entrance - confirm returning patrons have paid cover charge.
  • helps detect fake IDs which have the same 'cloned' data stripe.

Operators of ID Scanners at Clubs use it to ensure wrist bands or ink stamps have not been transferred.  If a customer's ID was scanned when they first entered the club and were banded/marked, then when they leave & return to the club, an alarm should indicates the ID was rescanned.

Shows ID number, DOB with current scan time at the top of the list and previous scans below.

Multiple scans in a short period of time may indicate over serving or drinks are being purchased for underage friends

Automatic Management

The database is automatically deleted after 12 hours of inactivity.  In normal operation, this means it is cleared and ready for use on a nightly basis.  A club can change this to 6, 8 or 10 hours as some gentleman clubs close at 3am and re-open at 9am.  This automatic management feature can be over ridden by manually deleting it from the handheld computer's memory.

Manually deletion of Anti Pass-Back

Select Delete from main menu Select AntiPassBack Confirm Deletion

ID Scanner IV package - $595.00

The ID Scanner package includes CardVisor IV software loaded into the CardTool Reader, VIP/Banned, a Handspring Visor handheld computer,  a USB Hotsync Cradle, and Palm Desktop application for Windows or Macintosh

Price $595.00 -



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