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ID Verification

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Cross Check Data

Age verifiers which display Name information are at an advantage to those which simply display the cardholders age when attempting to cross check the printed versus scanned license information.   Some fake IDs have a 'cloned' or copied data stripe from another person who is over 21 years old.  If the age verifier just displays the age or flashes a red/green light, it is hard to detect copied data stripe.  Disclaimer: This technique will identify some but not all fake IDs.  See Purpose of ID Checker section for more.

See More with CardVisor software   

CardVisor II, III & IV software captures name and address information plus displays name and ID number to facilitate cross checking with the information printed on the license.  See the Record Format section for details on how the address and other fields are stored in memory. 

Always Check that the Name and ID number match what is printed on the front of the ID!






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